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Payment methods

To pay for the products purchased from Bursa de Cartuse, you have the following options:

  • Cash payment
  • Payment on due date

Cash payment

  • Cash on delivery
    Payment will be made to the courier agent who makes the delivery, in full, in Lei, at the time of delivery.
  • Online card payment
    Bursa de Cartuse accepts online card payments (personal or company) through the services provided by mobilPay / NETOPIA Payments.
  • Payment with advance payment order
    The invoice for the order is generated and sent by e-mail to the customer by an agent of The bank account is indicated in the invoice sent to the client. The order remains pending until the confirmation of the payment by the client and the proof that the money have entered the account of Bursa de Cartuse.

Payment on due date

  • Payment with promissory note for each order
    Conditions: signed contract setting a payment.
  • Payment with payment order and promissory note warranty
    Conditions: signed contract setting a payment.

For the payment on due date, please contact Bursa de Cartuse agent. Contact details are found in the Customer Support section.